About Us

Are you worried about the well-being of yourself and your family? Take your health into your own hands – from the comfort of your own home!


Are you worried that you are HIV infected, but do you want to test this anonymously at home? Or do you feel a burning sensation in your vagina, but do you feel uncomfortable with seeing a gynecologist? You really want a child, but you just can not get pregnant? A doctor’s visit is no longer necessary, because one click on the internet is enough. Medical self-tests are now available to use at home.


We offer a range of medical self-tests that can help you with your health care and family planning. Fertility tests, allergy tests, kidney function tests, bladder infection tests and anemia tests are just a few of our assortment.


Our medical self-tests are easy to perform at home and give you a first diagnosis that you can later discuss with your doctor. With the specific tests for home use, you can monitor your own health, plan your family and prevent illness. No more unpleasant visits to the doctor, no long waiting times, a simple home routine and a quick test result (within 5-10 minutes). Would you like to get pregnant, for example? In addition to the regular pregnancy tests, we also offer the man’s fertility test, the ovule test and the menopause test. Are you tired, do you have diarrhea or a rash? Then test yourself with our food allergy or celiac self-tests.


Self Care is a leader in the field of medical self-testing for the following uses: Detection and prevention of diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders, women’s self-tests, self-tests for reproduction, allergies and drug use. With effective self-tests for use at home, you take your health into your own hands and you support the prevention of diseases. Test your health with!



At Self Care you are in safe hands! You can be sure of the quality of our products. Our self-tests are CE certified, have a reliability of at least 95% and are manufactured in Europe.