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What does the bladder infection self-test do?

Urinary tract infection is the most common urinary tract disease, including the urethra, bladder, ureter and kidneys. Men, women and children can suffer from a urinary tract infection. It is primarily women who suffer from urinary tract infections because the short urethra promotes germination. However, older men are also affected if they have an enlarged prostate that affects urine flow.


For whom is the bladder infection self-test suitable?

All individuals who occasionally suffer from and / or have suffered from urinary tract disease.


How does the bladder infection self-test work?

The test indicates the presence of leukocytes, blood, nitrites and proteins in the urine in amounts greater than normal. The strips react with the urine and change the color (color chart included).


Why should I do the bladder infection self-test?

Urine is sterile in healthy humans (i.e., it does not contain microorganisms). One of the best ways to keep your urinary tract sterile is to empty your bladder at regular intervals. In general, infection starts in the urethra and can then spread to the kidneys in the upper urinary tract. The symptoms vary considerably: burning when emptying the bladder or heavy urination. The urine may also be cloudy or have a severe odor.


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