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What does Eveline’s Ovulation self-test do?

The Eveline Ovulation self test contains 10 simple urine tests to determine the probability of ovulation. In addition, the kit uses a simple, unobtrusive clip-on attachment for your phone to store the urine tests for your camera. Our app automatically measures your fertility. It also keeps track of your previous results to discover your personal biological rhythm, and gives you a notification of future fertile days (whether you choose to set a countdown clock like a moon rocket is your choice). Use “Eveline” and we’ll leave the fun to you.


For whom is the ovulation self-test of Eveline suitable?

For women who want to get pregnant quickly. With this kit you know exactly when you are most fertile and the likelihood of pregnancy is greatest.


How does the Eveline Ovulation Test work?

  1. Simple urine test
  2. Use the simple urine test (this test contains 10 tests) a few days after your period. Our strips can detect the increase in LH level, which is the ovulation indicator.
  3. Our Miracle app gets down to work
  4. The handy clip-on reader (included), which you can attach to the camera on the front of your smartphone, automatically analyses the results and inserts them into the app to determine fertile days in the coming months!
  5. It’s time for babies!
  1. The app will take care of the rest. You will be notified to re-do the test to confirm the results. Finally, you will be reminded in advance that your fertile days are coming! From this moment on it is up to you!


Why should I do the Eveline Ovulation self-test?

During the menstrual cycle, there are some hormones responsible for a number of adaptations to the female reproductive system. The presence of these hormones determines  the fertile days and the non-fertile days. Only during the fertile days is it possible to become pregnant. Luteinising hormones (LH) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) are subject to the complex ovulation cycle. The increase and release of LH leads to ovulation in 24 to 40 hours. The test measures the amount of LH and thus determines your ovulation.


Do I have to use all test strips at the same time?

Of course not! If you wish, you can stop the test as soon as you notice the maximum level of luteinising hormone (LH) that indicates ovulation. You can then keep your remaining strips for the next cycle (if necessary).


How accurate is the test?

It has been found that the test is 99% accurate in detecting LH hormone increases and recognises values as low as 25 mlU / ml.


I have already used the test and found no increase LH. What now?

The number of recorded tests is sufficient to detect the LH surge in most women, but each person is different. It is also possible that you do not ovulate every month, so the test will not increase. If you are worried about your results, talk to your doctor.


Are there any medical conditions or medications that affect the test results?

A recent pregnancy, abortion, ovarian cysts, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), untreated hypothyroidism and early signs of menopause may decrease the reliability of the test when LH elevation and fertile days are detected. This also applies to medicines containing the LH itself or medicines containing human chorionic gonadotropin. You should tell your doctor when it is appropriate to begin the exam, if you are using clomiphene citrate, or if you have other concerns about your medical status.


Does a history of oral contraception influence the test?

It is possible. If you have recently discontinued the pill, it may take a while for your hormone cycles to normalise. Wait for two standard periods before starting the test.


Since it tells me if I’m fertile, can I use Eveline as a contraceptive?

No. Sperm can survive several days in the reproductive system, and so sex outside of your fertile days can also lead to pregnancy.


When should I collect urine for the test?

Consistency and comfort are most important if you follow the guidelines in the user manual. Do not use your morning urine. Some women get their best results from the afternoon urine.


Does the amount of liquid I drink affect the result?

Drinking a lot produces diluted urine, including dilution of LH, which may affect the results. We advise you not to drink for two hours before the test.


My ovulation date is really hard to track. How does the test do it?

You enter your average cycle into our app. Our smart software gives you a good overview of when your five fertile days start and when to test your urine. The test helps you determine your increase in LH and measure fertility, even if your cycle is sometimes irregular. The ten recorded tests are usually enough to find five fertile days.


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